Pitch A Tent In Your Front Yard and Occupy For Whatever Your Cause Is....!
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Los Angeles City Council Calls for Constitutional Amendment to End Corporate Personhood on News  page
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I went to Occupy Los Angeles 11-30-2011 the day after the LAPD Raid to clear City Hall Park. The General Assembly meeting was on the City Hall Steps with about 300 people even
though there were 292 people in jail from the LAPD Raid the night before. One of the items brought out of the GA that night was to have people "Pitch a Tent in their Front Yard" to show solidarity with the Occupy movement. I thought it was such a great idea so i ran with it....

OccupyLA asks You to pitch a Tent @ 1:21

above video by jeanniedean

"It's Viral!" The Movement to Overturn Citizens United Swamps the Internet

#OccupyTheCourts Arrests.01

Protester arrested for protesting in the Mayor's Free Speech Zone 12-4-2011

Occupy Los Angeles 11-30-2011

Occupy Rose Parade Live

globalrevolution "Rebroadcasts Action"

Occupy Los Angeles GA 11-30-11 Day after the Raid Girl from my breakout group

Tony Velloza - Why Occupy LA? Good Reason on Ch 11

Thom Hartman